Hinda Cargo To Brazil From China


Compared with international express delivery in other countries, Brazil's international express delivery is generally more strict, the customs clearance process is very complicated, and the tariff is very high. This tweet focuses on how sellers can help customers avoid customs hassles and high taxes.

How to choose a logistics express company.

The four major international logistics express companies are FedEx, UPS, DHL and TNT.

China logistics express includes EMS, email, China Post, Hongkong Post, etc.

When choosing the big four couriers to ship to Brazil, they have to pay customs duties because they go through the customs clearance channel of commercial express. EMS express, the probability of being taxed is low, and it can also be used when the value of the goods is very low. When the value of the goods is slightly higher, try to avoid it.

HINDA CARGO has rich industry experience and has offices and warehouses in China and Brazil, providing fast, convenient and safe logistics and transportation services for international trade customers.

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